Openings, Introductions, and Bland Beginnings

Beginnings… yup that’s how it’s spelled. They should really extend the spell check to journal and blog posts.

Righty oh, I’m C.A.C., and this is my blog Nerds N’ Furs. This is little slice of the net was created as part of my Multimedia Writing class at Temple University. It’s a bit bland at the moment, mostly because at the time of writing my “Multimedia” experience is limited to one media: writing.

But before we get into all that, allow me to explain the title of my blog, and what you should expect to see here. Nerd N’ Furs, as in nerds and furs, which is pretty much what this blog is going to be littered with, given the opportunity. Cards on the table, full disclosure time; I’m a nerd and a furry, and that’s generally what I write about. Meaning you’ll be getting none of that trendy Facebook and Twitter shenanigans from me, just lots of reporting from the weirder side of the internet community. At least if I have anything to say about it.

To clarify when I say ‘nerd’ I don’t mean the new mutant hipster things that run around wearing shirts with 80s cartoon characters to be ironic. I’m talking full blown video game playing, internet dwelling, anime watching, comic book reading, figure collecting, sci-fi/fantasy writing, card carrying nerd. Seriously, I’m like a pair of glasses and a Klingon dictionary away from being a cartoonish stereotype.

And when I say furry I mean… well, furry. One of those weirdo perverts who dresses up like an animal so the rest of the internet can make fun of ’em. What’s that? A prejudicial self-deprecating post right from the start? Oh man this is going to be a great semester. Honestly though, beyond the whole adopting an animal persona thing it’s kinda hard to nail down exactly what furries are or do, and it’s certainly too complicated to get into in an introduction. So if you haven’t heard of the furries yet, let’s just say they’re a bunch of weirdos and leave it at that for now. If you’re really curious, google it, and if you’re particularly brave google it with the safe search off. Just… keep some eye bleach handy, you’ll probably see some things you’d rather forget.

So, the assignment says I’ve got to get into my writing history, reading habits, etc, etc.. So I’ve been writing for about five years, I think. Time is an elusive little bastard that I can never get a good grip on. Anyway I’ve been writing short stories for the past five or six years or so, starting with casual collaborative writing efforts (or online role plays if you want to be less pretentious about it), and eventually graduating to solo short stories around three years back. I’ve been dumping my shorts onto a website called FurAffinity (which is basically the furry equivalent of DeviantArt [oh, added warning, don’t click that. The adult content is usually hidden until you register with the site, but sometimes people forget to label things ‘adult’) under a pseudonym. And before anyone asks no I will not be linking to any of those stories, the pseudonym is there for a damn good reason. That all culminated in a 98,000 word novella, which is dying for revision now that I look back on it.

Last year was less short stories, more flash fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, due to a series of writing courses here at Temple. Crapped out gods know how man short stories and poems, as well as a handful of good essays. Even sent a few in to Hyphen, the college’s literary magazine. If they get published I’m looking forward to the hate mail my poem is likely to generate.

Last part of the assignment, then I’m done. Aw man, freedom smells so sweet. Back on track. I read, a lot. In fact I wish I read less so I had more time to play video games. I used to read a lot of science fiction and fantasy, particularly the Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40,000 novels (I’d be a happy man if I fell in with their publishing houses), but I’ve also read everything by Douglas Adams and H.P.Lovecraft. If you know those names you can kinda guess what wavelength I’m operating on. Thanks to the recent Boarders liquidation I’ve got a nice backlog of classics I’m grinding through; currently on Counte of Monte Cristo, but I’ve got Catch-22, Brave New World, Lord of the Flies, and a bunch more waiting in the wings. But the bulk of my reading comes from BBC and Cracked. I generally read 8-12 articles a day, mostly from those two sites. Every now and again I’ll read something from the Escapist or Kotaku, but only if it’s directly related to something of my interest.


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2 Responses to Openings, Introductions, and Bland Beginnings

  1. ktshfr says:

    I like the photos of the furry crew– “furends”, as the sign says (very clever.) Your links were super helpful. I even googled furries without searching for the bleach. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this!– Interesting stuff what with the alternate “fursonas” and all. Personally I would choose a unicorn.

    • cacthenerd says:

      Man, hearing someone say talk about what animal they would be if they were a furry is like watching the bite victim in a zombie movie. “No man, it’s okay. I feel fine.” They try to play it off like there’s nothing wrong, but deep down they know it’s too late for them.

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