School Shenanigans: Week 2

All right everyone who actually reads this thing, time for School Shit: Week 2, AKA lessons on how to make your blog not look like shit. As you can plainly see I have not taken these lesson to heart (unless you’re reading this in the future, after I’ve taken the time to make this thing look presentable). Mainly the big focus was on color, layout, and a handful of other things I’ve already forgotten. Not because I didn’t read, after all I’m a model student who only spends his time on helpful and productive things.

Historical research, honest

From what my sleep deprived brain is telling me the two big lessons to take away from last week were color choice and font selection. I know I instantly discarded the font information, for I fall into the camp that text can speak for itself, fuck what comic sans says. Then there was color, oh the sweet delicious colors.

I fucking love colors

Beyond that the big take away was use complementary colors, make sure your blog/site doesn’t blind the readers, and be sure they can read your text.

You fail to get this reference

As seen above, if you set it up so that your readers can’t read you’re either massively dump, or massive pretentious, or both. So this weeks lessons are:
Don’t make your reader’s eyes bleed
Fonts can be important (but I choose to disregard that)
And colors work well when you know about colors (redundancy ho!)

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