Holy Crap Content: How to Survive a Troll Attack

I just now realized that it’s really hard to see, so I’m posting this to draw attention to it. I wrote a thing on my web-what’s-it. Look over on my links to see the thing. It’s called “The Hyperlinker’s Guide to the Internet,” and it’s going to include a lot of useful stuff on how not to die on the internet (pressing X usually helps). It’ll also include how to survive accidental convention attendance, and how not to get yiffed by marauding gangs of furries. So click on that link thing over to the side, or the top link that has more stuff, and a picture of a furry in a dress, because I love my readers like that. I think it might even be crossdressing, just for a bonus.

Also I think I missed a School Shit. I got to do one about Facebook, but I think I missed one other than that. Someone tell me if I missed one. Post a comment on this web zone if I missed a School Shit.

About cacthenerd

Dude, let me in, I'm a fairy.
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