Holy Crap Content: The Lexicon

Sweet Jegus that was a lot of writing. Okay, so the next piece of the Hyperlinker’s Guide is up, or maybe it’s a companion to the Hyperlinker, like a counterpart, separate but equally important. It’s called the Lexicon, and it’s full of terms and words you need to know in order to make it through the internet. Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing this shit can keep you from getting yiffed.


Don’t be mistaken, this is by no means done. There’s a ton of terms there, but I know I’m missing some, and by some I mean a lot. If you know something I don’t, or something I missed then please tell me. Post a comment on this webzone if I missed something.

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1 Response to Holy Crap Content: The Lexicon

  1. Miles says:

    Also, what is a “Heckler”?

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