Another Update

Oh god there’s so much more. I’ve done too much, there’s too much. The Lexicon now has links throughout for cross referencing, so yay there. That and a bunch of new terms, too many new terms. Added to the lexicon:

20% Cooler,  Abridged Series, Augmented Reality, Avian, Baka, Cantrip, Desu, Digimon, Digisona, ED, Facepalm, Fanart, Fandom, Futa, Gaijin, Headdesk, Hikikomori, HP, Imageboard, Indie, Kami, Kappa, Kitsune, Miko, MP, NEET, Nya/Nyan/Nyu, Oni, OP, Otherkin, Parasprite, Pokemon, Pokesoma, Scalie, Shinto, Sleaves, Tengu, Yokai.

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Dude, let me in, I'm a fairy.
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