School Shenanigans: Intro-Extro Misanthropic

So for class we watched something about introverts on Ted Talks. And that got me thinking. What the hell am I? Am I an introvert or an extrovert? And more importantly should I care. In the end I came up with one answer to it all:

But aside from that I think the debate is flawed in of itself. Like everything else in our simplified society we look at the problem in a binary, but it’s not. There’s no little slider on our personalities that put us somewhere between introvert and extrovert. There’s a whole freaking grid, another axis at least.

Looking at my life I could easily be viewed as an introvert. I don’t like parties, I hate concerts, I tend prefer isolation, etc, etc. But I wouldn’t call myself an introvert. I actually love attention. I love telling stories in grandiose terms, with loud booming voices and over elaborate hand gestures. In fact I almost broke my computer by knocking it off a table earlier this semester while in the spastic throes of a story.

This is generally how I tell all of my stories.

So why do we keep using the binary system? Simple; because people are dumb. It’s not complicated, generally people want a yes or no answer so they can pick a side and move on. Why do you think so many narratives paint a conflict as one side vs another even if there were more than two factions, or why US politics is always spoken of in terms of right vs left when there’s over 43 active political parties registered in the United States. Or hell, why is every sporting event one team vs another? Can you imagine how awesome a 4 team free-for-all would be in soccer or football?


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1 Response to School Shenanigans: Intro-Extro Misanthropic

  1. ktshfr says:

    Hahahahhahahah. I guess this is what you might call an anticlimactic blogpost.

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