School Shenanigans: Last One Out Hit the Lights

Well, it’s been fun, but the semester is over and it’s time to wrap things up. The class made me do a lot of writing, more than I thought I’d be doing, and more than I’d like to admit. Damn you lexicon! Quit eating all my time. I’ve done enough already you terrible time-sink!

But enough ranting and raving, I should probably tell you all what I learned from this class.

Okay, so that’s not entirely true. The class did encourage me to go find out who was hiring writers, what I needed to do to become a freelance writer in the digital age, and how horrifyingly abysmal entry level pay is. So yay for discouraging my dreams, or at least trying to. I’ve got dreams of steel! Nothing is going to shake them!

Strangely enough the class also gave me an idea on how to edit my works. No real drive or clear motivation to edit my works mind you, but at least an idea. Which, sadly, is more than most classes I’ve taken, even writing class. What is wrong with our education system these days?

I also learned how to write for the internet, what with all the hyperlinking and image macros and embeded videos

Though the class could be better. It had it’s failings, but like an Ed Wood movie they were over ambitious failings, not apathetic failings. For starters the amount of things we tried to go over in class was simply too much for  a 50 minute class. For what we were doing we’d all have been better off with a 1:20 class just so we’d have more time to get everything covered. And the final project at the end was kinda scattershot until the very last minute.

But all these shortcomings seem appear to be trial and error mistakes. The trouble with the class wasn’t in the concept but in the execution. We were all beta testers. Future incarnations of the class should benefit from our mistakes. And there should be future incarnations of the class. Learning how to handle HTML and… whatever that other thing is called are important skills to have in our plugged in digital age.

All in all I’d take the class again. Granted I don’t have to take it again, since I’m getting the credits and moving on to other writing skills, but still, good class.


Oh, and to any of you wondering, this isn’t the end of nerdsnfurs, just this category. We’ve beaten the tutorial! From here on out the real game begins!

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1 Response to School Shenanigans: Last One Out Hit the Lights

  1. A.J. Stuart says:

    I agree that the longer class period could have definitely been an asset

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