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This is where I dump all the stuff I need to post to pass the multimedia writing class that spawned this horrible, mutant blog. Think of it as the green glowy stuff you see in a mad scientist’s lab. It ain’t pretty, and probably tastes like Swamp Thing’s ass, but if you want a monster you need the green glowy stuff.

School Shenanigans: Kickstarter and the Gaming Revolution

For those of you completely out of the loop Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website designed to give producers of independent material, like books, games, or music, a new avenue of funding, particularly allowing normal consumers to give money directly to … Continue reading

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School Shenanigans: New Storytelling Techniques

Continuity is for the weak! So in class we talked about new media, fiction, and the evolving art of storytelling. We looked at some neato stories like The Disappearance of Miriam and…. a couple of other stories… that I can’t … Continue reading

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School Shit: Invoking Fair Use for Fun and Profit

Before we get started I want to show all of you something.

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School Shenanigans: Week 2

All right everyone who actually reads this thing, time for School Shit: Week 2, AKA lessons on how to make your blog not look like shit. As you can plainly see I have not taken these lesson to heart (unless … Continue reading

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School Shenanigans: Week 1

Right, time to do that what I must do every week: post something related to what I’m doing in class. Hells to the yeah, we’re doing obligatory response posts. And until I’m told otherwise I’m doing this in the least … Continue reading

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