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Welcome to the Lexicon, a handy translation guide for the terms and jargon of the nerd sect.

Not going to lie, this is by no means complete. For starters language is always an evolving thing, so new terms pop up all the time. That, and I’m not entirely familiar with every aspect of the nerd sect. I’ve included terms from otaku, brony, troll, furry, and gamer culture, but I must admit I’m ignorant to any terms the treckies, whoovians, or other nerds have come up with. And even in the groups I do know I’m sure I missed a few. So if you know I term that I missed please tell me. Post a comment on my webzone to tell me I missed something. I’ll update as I learn stuff.

3 Responses to Lexicon

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  2. kayfeif says:

    Love this lexicon. I knew quite a few of the words but there were also some that I didn’t which will become very informative since I’m sure I’ll come across them eventually.

  3. rcgerhard says:

    Funny & informative! great work!

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