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Short for Warhammer 40,000, a popular science-fiction franchise. Known for its grimdark setting, over the top action, and excessive ultra-violence. Started as a table top wargame, has since expanded into video games, books, comics, and even a low budget CGI feature. In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war.

1337: [leet]

1. Archaic gamer term, used to denote skill. Synonymous with ‘elite.’ Rarely used today, mostly as a joke or ironically.

2. Short for 1337speak, a typing quirk in which letters are replaced with numbers and symbols. Used to be seen as a sign of computer skill, is now considered dated and trite.

20% Cooler:

1. Brony term, meaning ‘needs improvement.’ [Needs to be about 20% Cooler]

2. Brony term, meaning something above exceptional.


1. English translation company, reviled in the otaku community for their practice of heavy cuts, censorship, and editing of a series to make it more child friendly. Also tends to use bad voice acting and replaces theme songs with rap. Often parodied or mocked.

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