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1. Gamer term, meaning to wait in a single, usually concealed, spot for the purposes of ambushing other players. Generally frowned upon.


1. Literary term, meaning a body of work scholars (generally) agree represent the best of a language’s written works.

2. Characters, events, or any other aspect of a work that appears in an original work or series. (IE not made by fans).


1. Fantasy term; a simple spell or a spell that reads the same forward or backwards.

2. Card game term; a card that draws a card in addition to other desirable effects.

Captain Planet:

1. Titular character of an eco-friendly children’s cartoon show.

2. Chan slang, meaning ‘child pornography.’


1. Swedish pop song.

2. Otaku dance, preformed by holding hands against forehead or just above the head with palms out and swaying hips in time with the music while opening and closing hands. Commonly danced at conventions.

3. Otaku meme, drawing characters doing the Caramelldansen.


1. Japanese title added to the end of a name, designates familiarity with the subject, often used with girls or small children. Example; Marry-chan.

2. Type of imageboard website. Made popular by the Japanese 2chan, brought over to the US by Moot in the form of 4chan. Variations can be found in most languages now. Often populated by trolls.

Character Sheet:

1. A piece (or pieces) of paper containing all relevant information on a character. Generally used by table top gamers, particularly RPGs to keep track of character stats.

Cheese Pizza:

1. Chan term, meaning ‘child pornography.’


1. Japanese word, meaning small, usually cute.

2. Otaku fans use the term interchangeably with SD.

Chris Henson:

1. Host of NBC’s “To Catch a Predator.”

2. Chan slang, used when someone asks for, mentions, or posts child pornography or lolicon, to designate the post has been reported, and to mock the poster with the potential of jail time.


1. Gamer term, used to describe the specializations some games allow the players to choose for their characters. Typically ‘warrior,’ ‘thief,’ ‘mage,’ in fantasy games, or ‘scout,’ ‘medic,’ ‘soldier,’ in modern games.


1. Gamer term, used to describe a game that is a copy of another game. Can evolve into sub-genres.


1. Brony term, meaning masturbate.

Clop Fiction:

1. Brony term, used to describe erotic fanfiction, usually involving characters from My Little Pony.


1. Short for Call of Duty, a popular first person shooter franchise.


1. Short for ‘convention,’ a large yearly gathering.

2. Japanese suffix, short for ‘complex,’ used to designate fetish status. Most commonly seen online as ‘lolicon’ and ‘shotacon.’


1. A device used to play video games, usually designed to be connected to a television.


1. Japanese term, a combination of ‘costume’ and ‘play.’ An activity that involves dressing up, usually as characters from a show, movie, or video game. Common at conventions.

Cool Story Bro:

1. An internet term, used in the most sarcastic language possible. Translates to “I don’t care.”


1. Chan term; short for child pornography.

2. Chan game in which players post anything other than child pornography that can be abbreviated to CP (Captain Picard, Cheese Pizza, City Paper, etc all)when someone requests CP. Bonus if posted before actual child pornography is posted.

Cracked Pairing:

1. Fanfiction term, used to describe a nonsensical or untraditional romantic pairing of characters.


1. A popular My Little Pony fanfiction in which one of the characters (Pinkie Pie) is depicted as a psychotic serial killer and brutally tortures, dissects, then kills another character (Rainbow Dash).

2. Any piece of My Little Pony fanfiction or fanart that is especially violent or grimdark.

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