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1. The reaction of smacking one’s own head in frustration or shame when someone does something particularly stupid or foolish.


1. A piece of artwork of a work created by fans of a work.


1. Derogatory term for a male fan who obsesses over a work of fiction or game, typically one who displays little interest in activities not relating to the work, reacts with hostility towards fans of rivals to his chosen work or game, is overly defensive of the work or game, and/or sees any criticism towards the work or game as an attack.


1. Used to describe the fans of a work who group together and hang out with other fans of a work. IE Treckies are the Star Trek fandom, Otaku are the anime fandom, etc, etc.


1. Any written work in which the writer uses characters, locations, or settings from other works.


1. Derogatory term for a female fan who obsesses over a work of fiction or a game, typically one who obsesses over a bishonen character, and/or someone who produces/consumes yaoi.

Fan Service:

1. Moments in a work that are intended to titillate the audience solely for the purpose of titillating the audience. Usually directed at males, but not always. Typically panty shots, bathing, or hot springs scenes.


1. Short for Final Fantasy, popular JRPG franchise, typically followed by a roman numeral.


1. Video game genre, identifiable by its focus on one on one fights. Notable examples include Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Guilty Gear, Super Smash Brothers, and Mortal Kombat.


1. A type of internet trolling in which the troll directly insults the victim.


1. Gaming term, used to describe any part of the story, setting, or plot that has no bearing on gameplay. Often history of the world or universe the game is set in, how technology or magic works on a technical level, or the plot in games that are not story driven.


1. Short for furry, a member of the furry community.

2. A suffix used to designate being a member of a community while being a fur. EX. Gamerfur, Nerdfur, Metalfur, Nazifur, etc..


1. An alpha-numeric code some furries use to convey all relevant information about themselves, including species, occupation, age, sexuality, and more. Somewhat obscure now.


1. A gathering of local furries, usually on a monthly basis. Too small to be considered a convention.


1. An ascetic style in which characters are depicted as anthropomorphic animals.

2. Someone who depicts themselves as an anthropomorphic animal (usually online).

3. The subculture loosely comprised of people who depict themselves as anthropomorphic animals.


1. The term used by some furries to describe perceived discrimination against them for being furries. Considered a joke by those that don’t used the word ‘fursecution.’


1. An anthropomorphic character used to represent someone online or in art, stories, or other media in the funny sub-culture. Considered to be a requirement by some to be considered a furry.


1. A costume of a furry character, can either be a full body suit, or a partial suit (heads, hands, and sometimes feet).


1. Japanese slang, short for futanari; girl with a penis.

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