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G1 compared to G4.

1. Abbreviation for generation, usually with a number added to it. Used to designate which incarnation of a series being discussed. IE G1 is first generation, G4 is fourth generation.


1. Japanese term used to describe anyone who isn’t Japanese.


1. Someone who plays video games, table top games, or card games, usually with a passion or vested interest in the games.


1. Online gaming term, used to describe when a high leveled player kills a low level player. Is generally frowned upon, and many games have rules against such actions.

Gary Stu:

1. Male version of a Mary Sue.


1. Brony term, used in place of “Gentlemen.”



1. Table top gaming term, meaning ‘Game Master,’ the player who organizes the game and controls the environment, characters, and creatures the other players play against. Equivalent terms; DM, Dungeon Master, Storyteller, etc.


1. Online role playing term, meaning a character with no flaws or can’t be defeated.

2. To play a character that has no flaws or can’t be defeated.


1. Any work which is particularly dark, depressing, violent, or lacking in comic relief or happiness in general.


1. Gaming term, used to describe any repetitive action players can do to increase in strength or find rare items, usually the fighting of the same enemy over and over again.

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