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1. Gaming term, meaning to break into the game’s system to cheat.

2. Internet term, meaning to break into a system.

Hack and Slash:

1. Video game sub-genre, usually an action game or RPG, identifiable by its focus on simple, repetitive, flashy combat. Generally played in the third person with players controlling a single character. Generally focuses on melee combat with swords, axes, or other bladed weapons.


1. Gaming term, used to describe a device used to play video games that is portable, usually containing its own screen and battery.


1. How a fan interprets a work or franchise, does not always line up with actual canon.


1. A more extreme facepalm.

Hentai: [hen tie]

1. Japanese term, meaning pervert.

2. Term Western anime fans use to describe any piece or drawn or animated pornography.


1. Japanese term. Someone who shuns social interactions to the point of solitude, rarely leaves home or room. Often depicted as either the sufferer of a mental illness or an extreme nerd.


1. Common video game term, short for “hit points” or “health points.” Value used to designate how much damage a character/player can take before death. Usually displayed as a red or green bar.

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