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1. Japanese film genre featuring giant monsters. EX. Godzilla, Gamura, Mothra, etc.

2. A giant monster, usually seen destroying cities or fighting other giant monsters.


1. Japanese word, loosely translates to ‘god’ or ‘spirit.’ Countless kami in the Shinto faith, ranging from local deities to grand being that control the elements. Commonly featured in Japanese pop culture.


1. Creature from Japanese lore that looks like a cross between man, turtle, and frog with a dish on it’s head. Is known to like eating cucumbers. Can range between playful spirit to man-eating monster. Loves to wrestle, is easily tricked, and if beaten is obliged to answer a question or teach healing skills to the victor. Commonly featured in Japanese folk lore.


1. Japanese for cute


1. Japanese term, directly translates to ‘animal ears.’ Used to describe any character with animal ears (tail optional). Note: a kemonomimi has mostly human traits with some animal traits, characters with mostly animal traits with some human traits are anthropomorphic or furry.


1. Japanese word for fox.

2. Creature from Japanese lore, a fox yokai. Known to have the ability to possess people, transform, and control fox fire and other illusions. As it ages it grows extra trails, to a maximum of 9. Tends to take the form of an attractive women to seduce men. Very common in Japanese pop culture.


1. Japanese title, added to the end of a name to designate familiarity, usually used with men or boys.

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