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1. Short for Left 4 Dead, a popular survival horror game.


1. Fanfiction term, used to describe a story with erotic or pornographic elements.


1. Common online abbreviation, short for ‘laugh out loud.’ Used to designate amusement.


1. Short of League or Legends, popular online game. (Note the two capital ‘L’s.)

Loli: (Warning, searching this term on certain websites may get your IP reported to law enforcement agencies, search at own risk).

1. Anime term, used to describe young girls, particularly prepubescent girls.

2. Internet term, used to describe little girls.

3. Drawn pornography of characters that look like prepubescent girls.


1. Internet meme featuring a very long white cat, or very long black cat respectively. Frequently mentioned. Has no further meaning than a long cat.


1. Corruption of ‘lol,’ has identical meaning.

2. Internet term, mean to laugh at someone’s expense, usually used as an excuse or justification (‘for teh luzl’).


1. Internet term, meaning to visit a website without posting in order to learn the customs and habits of those on the site.

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