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1. Japanese comics. Often adapted into anime.

Mary Sue:

1. A character in a work of fiction with little to no character, definition, is impossibly perfect, and/or is liked by other character for no reason.

2. A character in a fanfiction or online role play who is related to a canon character despite never being mentioned in the canon work. Often an author-insertion character.


1. Furry term, interchangeable with boyfriend/girlfriend. Gender neutral.


1. A Shinto priestess or shrine maiden. Commonly seen in Japanese pop culture.


1. Gaming term, short of ‘massively multiplayer online.’ Used to describe any game which requires a constant internet connection, and in which players interact in large groups. An important note about MMOs; unlike other genres discontinued MMOs cannot be played.  Notable examples include World of Warcraft, Everquest Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Free Realms.


1. Internet term, short for ‘moderator,’ someone who has limited authority and power on a site, used as a sort of law enforcement for site.

2. Gamer term, short for ‘modification,’ a fan-made addition to a game that adds content, changes current content, and/or tweaks rules, graphics, or other issues with a game.


1. Japanese term, used to describe cute, sweet, innocent, and/or oblivious girls.



1. Internet term, used to east Asian languages, particularly Japanese or Chinese.


1. Founder of 4chan, often depicted as a transvestite or transsexual. Is generally looked down upon, and constantly mocked, especially by regulars at 4chan.


1. Common gaming term, short for ‘magic points’ or ‘mana points.’ Usually a value used to preform special abilities.


1. A fursona created exclusively for sexual or pornographic purposes.


1. A fursuit created exclusively for sexual purposes.

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