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1. Term meaning “Not Employed, Educated, or Trained.” Commonly used in Japan, similar to the western notion of a basement dwelling nerd. Widely looked down upon, considered a drain on society.


1. Deragatory term used to describe someone who lacks skill in a game.


1. Japanese term, translates to ‘cat ears.’ Used in anime communities to describe a character with cat ears , a common trope. Tail optional.


1. Card gaming term, meaning to copy a deck that wins tournaments, usually without understanding how it works. Generally frowned upon.


1. Someone who is new to a game, a rookie.

2. A n00b.


1. Someone who is new to an imageboard, especially one who is unfamiliar with the memes and customs of the board.


1. Gaming term, short for ‘Non-player character.’ Any character that appears in a game that a player does not actively control. While technically not player characters enemies are usually not referred to as NPCs.


1. Japanese onomatopoeia for the noise a cat makes.

2. Japanese speaking quirk; added to the end of every sentence. Usually used by nekomimi/catgirls.

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