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1. Internet term, short for ‘original content,’ used to describe something new or created on a specific website.

2. Fanfiction/furry term, short for ‘original character,’ used to describe a character not from an established franchise or published story.


1. Someone who has been on an imageboard long enough to see the memes and customs change, particularly one who laments the changes.


1.Japanese for older sister.


1. Creature from Japanese folk lore, similar to demons or ogres. Often seen in Japanese pop culture.


1. Japanese for older brother.


1. Internet term, meaning ‘original poster,’ used to describe someone who starts a thread or topic on an image board or message board.

2. Fanfiction term, meaning ‘official pairing,’ used to describe romantic relations between characters that appear in the original work.

3. Gaming term, meaning ‘over powered,’ used to describe a character, item, enemy, or other aspect of a game that is unfair.

4. A commonly used abbreviation on video sites, short for “opening.”


1. Japanese term, meaning ‘obsessive fan,’ considered derogatory.

2. Western term, meaning anime fan.


1. Someone who sees themselves as not entirely human, either literally or spiritually.

2. Furry term, someone who’s fursona is a mythical creature.

3. Furry term, someone who’s gender falls outside of the normal, identifiable spectrum.


1. Fanfiction term, meaning ‘one true pairing,’ a romantic pairing between characters of a work that the speaker believes to be the only possible pairing, regardless of what happens in the original work, evidence to the contrary, or basic logic.


1. Anime term; short for “Original Video Animation.” Any episodes or specials in a series that are only available on VHS, DVD, or Blueray; typically released after a series’ original TV run. Similar in concept to the Direct to Video Sequel, but usually of equal or higher quality to the original series. Note: While the original Japanese networks will rarely air OVAs, foreign networks (USA, Canada, etc) will often air the OVAs with the regular series.

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