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1. Internet term, meaning ‘peer to peer.’ A type of program that allows users to connect to one another for the purpose of sharing files. Commonly used for piracy.


1. Fictional harmful pest in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

2. Brony term for troll.

Party Van:

1. Chan term, meaning ‘FBI,’ used to point out someone is doing something they could be arrested for, normally posting child pornography.


1. Internet meme, usually coupled with an image of a smiling brown bear. Used to point out someone is acting like a pedophile.


1. Video game genre, identifiable by its focus on timing and precision, usually played in the third person, controlling a single character, and doing a lot of jumping.


1. A stuffed animal.

2. A furry who’s fursona is a stuffed animal.

3. Someone who wants to/has had sex with stuffed animals.


1. Brony term, short for ‘Pony Music Video.’ A fan-made video produced by reediting clips from My Little Pony and setting it to music.


1. Popular Japanese video game franchise. Has spawned over 30 games, a long running animated series, and over a dozen movies.


1. Furry term; a fursona that is a Pokemon.


1. Internet term, a program used to mask one’s IP address, making it harder to be tracked.


1. Video game genre, identifiable by its focus on logic and problem solving, often played without any characters involved.

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