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1. Video game genre, identifiable by its focus on speed and competition, usually played by controlling a single vehicle on a closed circuit. Notable examples include Forza, Need for Speed, Burnout, Mario Kart, and Gran Turismo.


1. Chan term, a type of trolling in which a group of trolls attack a website, posting hateful, inflammatory, or disturbing images or language on forums.

2. Online gaming term, a level online in which a large number of players (25+) band together in one giant team.


1. Short for Retroactive Continuity; a change to canon done after a work has been published. Often used to change unpopular elements, bring back dead characters, or change relationships to fit modern narratives. Example: In the 1950s the Marvel comics “Captain America” series saw the character fighting communists. This was widely unpopular, so in the 1970s the company printed a story saying that ‘Captain America’ was an imposter, and the real one had been frozen since the end of World War II.


1. A common internet prank in which the prankster tricks the victim to watch Rick Astley’s “Never Going to Give You Up.” Considered overdone and trite now.


1. Short for ‘role play.’

2. Internet game in which players create a character (or group of characters) and write out what the characters do in certain situations. Resembles collaborative writing. Usually played on message boards or other forums.


1. Short for ‘role playing game.’ Used to describe any game which focuses on story, character, and growth. Appears in table top (Dungeons and Dragons, Exalted, Pathfinder), live action, and video game form. Video game genre usually divided into western and Japanese style.


1. Short for real timestrategy. The most popular forms of strategy games, in which players make their moves simultaneously in real time.

Rule 34:

1. One of the rules of the internet. States that ‘there is porn of it, period.’

2. Any piece or pornography featuring a character from a fictional work.

Rule 63:

1. One of the rules of the internet. States “there is a female version of any male character, and vice versa.”

2. Any piece of fanart that features a reverse gendered version of a character.

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  1. Attempting Sepulchritude says:

    Judging by this list, two terms that you should add would probably be RTS and TBS (real time and turn based strategy respectively). Since you already have strategy and RPG on the list already, those two would fit right into the mold at this point. Overall, it is a nice section, but it would be a bit more comprehensive if the harder ones may have examples attached.

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