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1 Short for Team Fortress 2, a popular shooter game.


1. Refers to any game played on a table, such as board games, RPGs, Wargames, or card games. Notable examples include Chess, Checkers, Dungeons and Dragons, Exalted, Warhammer, Warmachine, Magic the Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh.


1. Video game genre, identifiable by its focus on strategy, resource management, and control, typically played from a bird’s eye view, controlling groups ranging from small teams to entire armies. Can be interchangeable with strategy, but strategy generally is used to describe games played in real time, while tactics take turns. Notable examples include Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission, Advanced Wars, and Panzer Corps.


1. Short for Trading Card Game. Any game played with cards that can be bought, collected, and traded, usually with the option to customize decks. Interchangeable with “CCG.” Notable examples include Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh, UFS, and the World of Warcraft TCG.


1. Creature from Japanese folk lore. Depicted as a cross between a man and a bird. Sometimes it is shown with a bird’s head, others it has a man’s head with a long, red nose. Is believed to live in mountains. Common in Japanese pop culture.

The Game:

1. Internet game. If you think of The Game you lose. Played by either finding a way to trick others into reading “The Game,” or by exposing as many people at once to The Game such as holding up a sign at a sporting event or yelling “You lost The Game” in a crowded room. The later is considered a cheap way to play and is frowned upon.

2. You just lost The Game.


1. Gamer term, used to rank the power and usability of characters, items, or any other aspect of games. (Top tier being the best, bottom tier being the words, etc. etc.)


1. Internet meme, meaning ‘too long; didn’t read,’ used to tell an author their work is too wordy.


1. Online routing program that bounces a user’s signal through other users running the program. Used in tandem with deep web.


1. Online program used for file sharing. It works by creating a direct link between someone uploading a file and those wishing to download it. Users download in pieces, allowing other users to download copies of those pieces, meaning the more people downloaded a file the faster it goes. Since there is no central hub for torrents it is difficult to monitor, making it a favored tool of pirates, but it is easy to trace, making it easy to find lawbreakers.


1. A fan of the Star Trek franchise.


1. Mystical object of power in the game franchise ‘Legend of Zelda.’

2. Text trick that makes three triangles appear in a post. Used on chan sites to designate newfag or oldfag status.


1. A monster from Scandinavian mythology commonly used in fantasy games.

2. Someone who acts intentionally antagonistic or offensive online.


1. Internet meme, used as visual shorthand to admit or highlight trolling.


1. Japanese trope that commonly appears in anime. A Tsundere is a girl who has feelings for someone, but hides them behind an antagonistic mask. IE someone who picks on another because they like them.

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  1. Miles says:

    What does it mean to Torrent?

  2. jamiezig says:

    Treckie? Trekkie, no? Or is this a troll attack?

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