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1. Japanese trope common in anime. A Yandere a person who is crazy in love with someone, with an emphasis on crazy.



1. Japanese term, loosely translates to “boy love.” Considered a genre of anime and manga, identifiable for having homosexual male leads. Usually written by women for women (as opposed to Bara, which is written by men for men). Typically features young men, usually bishonen, and focuses more on the relationship rather than any physical acts. Western fans tend to use the term to describe erotic or pornographic works.


1. Furry term, more or less equivalent to sex. Commonly used in a joking or ironic sense.


1. Japanese creatures of folk lore. Mystical and/or magical beings, generally stronger than humans but weaker than Kami, usually an animal. Often translated as ‘spirit’ or ‘demon,’ but the term lacks a direct translation. Commonly featured in Japanese pop-culture, especially anime and manga.


1. Japanese term, usually meaning lesbian media, can erotica or pornography, typically drawn or written.

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