Let me tell you about something magic

Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s late night programing block, tends to crazy things with its schedule on April 1st. Sometimes it’s playing some stupid live action movie all night, but not this year. This year was something equal parts amazing and cruel. They replaced their regular block with a Toonami block.

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Another Update

Oh god there’s so much more. I’ve done too much, there’s too much. The Lexicon now has links throughout for cross referencing, so yay there. That and a bunch of new terms, too many new terms. Added to the lexicon:

20% Cooler,  Abridged Series, Augmented Reality, Avian, Baka, Cantrip, Desu, Digimon, Digisona, ED, Facepalm, Fanart, Fandom, Futa, Gaijin, Headdesk, Hikikomori, HP, Imageboard, Indie, Kami, Kappa, Kitsune, Miko, MP, NEET, Nya/Nyan/Nyu, Oni, OP, Otherkin, Parasprite, Pokemon, Pokesoma, Scalie, Shinto, Sleaves, Tengu, Yokai.

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Holy shit updated content!

Right, so thanks to my usual editors Doctor Librarian and Humbug I’ve cleaned up the Lexicon, more or less, and added some new terms. Continue reading

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Holy Crap Content: The Lexicon

Sweet Jegus that was a lot of writing. Okay, so the next piece of the Hyperlinker’s Guide is up, or maybe it’s a companion to the Hyperlinker, like a counterpart, separate but equally important. It’s called the Lexicon, and it’s full of terms and words you need to know in order to make it through the internet. Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing this shit can keep you from getting yiffed.


Don’t be mistaken, this is by no means done. There’s a ton of terms there, but I know I’m missing some, and by some I mean a lot. If you know something I don’t, or something I missed then please tell me. Post a comment on this webzone if I missed something.

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A Journey Without Words

Thatgamecompany, makers of Flow, Flower, and Cloud, have just released their latest game: Journey. For those of you not familiar with Thatgamecompany, they are an indie company that makes games for the Playstation 3. They make experimental games, stepping outside of established genres to create something entirely new. What makes them special is the emotion their games invoke without script, character development, or in some instances without character. It’s like playing poetry. If games have the potential for being art, Thatgamecompany are probably the closest to achieving that status, if they haven’t already. Continue reading

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