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School Shenanigans: Kickstarter and the Gaming Revolution

For those of you completely out of the loop Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website designed to give producers of independent material, like books, games, or music, a new avenue of funding, particularly allowing normal consumers to give money directly to … Continue reading

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An important lession I learned from ponies.

The other night I had a revelation after seeing The Hunger Games. The movies about murdering children really needs a psychotic cannibal and shaky cam needs to die. But more importantly I need to stop hating on Twilight.

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Let me tell you about something magic

Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s late night programing block, tends to crazy things with its schedule on April 1st. Sometimes it’s playing some stupid live action movie all night, but not this year. This year was something equal parts amazing and … Continue reading

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Another Update

Oh god there’s so much more. I’ve done too much, there’s too much. The Lexicon now has links throughout for cross referencing, so yay there. That and a bunch of new terms, too many new terms. Added to the lexicon: … Continue reading

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Holy Crap Content: The Lexicon

Sweet Jegus that was a lot of writing. Okay, so the next piece of the Hyperlinker’s Guide is up, or maybe it’s a companion to the Hyperlinker, like a counterpart, separate but equally important. It’s called the Lexicon, and it’s … Continue reading

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