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 d(4, 6,8, 12, 20, 100):

1. Abbreviation system used by gamers. The ‘d’ stands for ‘die,’ and the number designates how many sides it has.

2. A way to describe a table top game system based on the most commonly used die. IE: A system that uses a 20 sided die for most actions would be a ‘d20 system.’

Deep Web:

1. The portion of the internet not accessible via the domain name system or search engines. Is believed to represent the bulk of the internet’s data.

2. The portion of the internet used by criminals.


1. Japanese word, commonly translated to ‘is’ or ‘are.’

2. A word western otaku will randomly throw at the end of sentences to sound more Japanese.


1. Short for developer, used by gamers to describe the people who make games.


1. A popular Japanese cartoon show. Has spawned six series and over a dozen video games.


1. A furry character that is a digimon.


1. Online gaming term, meaning “I leveled up.”


1. Gaming term, short for ‘Downloadable Content,” any portion of content which can be added to a video game, usually for a small fee.


1. Japanese term; used to designate a work that was made by fans, amateurs, or someone unassociated with a large company. Comparable to the English term indie.

2. Western otaku term; used to describe a fan made comic of Japanese origin. Can be pornographic.


1. Online gaming term; short for “Damage Per Second.” The amount of damage a character can do in a second. Used as a statistic to help optimize a build or when choosing roles in a group.

Drama (llama):

1. An especially whiny person.


1. Video game term, meaning an item randomly awarded to players for defeating certain enemies.


1. A form of translation used in movies and video games, in which the original language has been removed and audio of the new language is inserted.

Dungeon Crawler:

1. Video game sub genre, usually an RPG, identifiable by its focus on exploring hostile environments filled with hostile creatures. Usually played from a third person or top down perspective with players controlling one or a small team of characters. Notable examples include Diablo, Persona 3Legend of Grimrock, and Phantasy Star.

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